Wellness Consultation


A one hour wellness consultation provides you with individual health goals, and specific lifestyle and dietary recommendations.  


The one hour consultation will include....


Zinc Test:   Zinc is an important mineral for the immune system, reproductive systems, wound healing and repair, and the sense of taste and smell.


Iridology:   Iris diagnosis uses the structure, color, and shape of the iris and pupil of the eye to determine an individual's illness or well being. The state of the whole body, every organ and body system is reflected in the iris.


Body Composition Analysis:  ‘How old do you really feel?’  Using markers such as fat mass, muscle mass, biological age and cellular toxicity/fluid levels/vitality levels.  These bio markers are key physiological indicators of disease and ageing.


A personal naturopathic plan for  energy, vitality, and recovery from illness, stress, and insomnia.    

One hour - $130